Our Story:

We are so happy that you are here and reading this. Our collection of specifically curated vintage and antique watches stem from our love of timeless pieces. Our goal is to share our passion and locate the most beautiful vintage pieces and reclaim their original, timeless beauty. 

We take pride in restoring antique & vintage watches, giving them life with new batteries, restoring bands, cleaning them and reconstructing what was broken and capturing them as accurately as possible so that they get a chance to a second story.

The age, the brand and all the work behind every product are all reflected in the price of our items. Our vintage watches are authenticated by local watchmakers and any repairs needed are done by professionals.

Being that our watches are pre-owned, they may present marks of the passage of time. Make sure you have a close look at the photos of each product. We try to capture them as accurately as possible. Locating, cleaning, repairing, and photographing these vintages is a blend of hard work, commitment, and passion.

We focus on affordable luxury watches and give a chance to shop sustainably. Hundreds of vintage watches were given a new story since we started in 2023 and a lot of happy customers have encouraged us to move forward with this initiative.

Thank you for making this possible.